I’m a radio amateur in northwestern Minnesota. Will need to fill in more of this later.
You can find me on the Fediverse at https://mastodon.radio/@W1CDN.

You can also follow this blog and comment on it from the Fediverse. Log in wherever (Mastodon, etc.) and search for @blog@w1cdn.net and you should find it. Replies to those posts will show up as comments here.

To email, use matthew.burtonkellyQRSgmail.com, but replace QRS with @.

2024-02-17: I am experimenting with eBay Partner links. If you follow one of them (they are marked) and buy something within 24 hours, I will get a small amount of money (1-4% of your purchase value, at no cost to you). Here is a direct affiliate link to eBay if you’d like to support my projects. I’m open to feedback on this system!