Forx Amateur Radio Club (WA0JXT) Contact Info

Hidden in the upper right of the Forx ARC website is a Discord icon–that’s where most online communication seems to take place lately. There is also a Facebook page used for announcements.

Discord link: Drop in and say hello if you’re in the Grand Forks, ND or East Grand Forks, ND area.

Publishing this as a PSA because I don’t think it’s been published much.

2 thoughts on “Forx Amateur Radio Club (WA0JXT) Contact Info

  1. Well heres the thing. I have SoundModem by UZ7HO and EasyTerm and they are both working. I do see packets in the windows too. However, I have gone to the MHeard, chosen a station that is listed and ‘connected.’ and I can see that the station calls me back but there is never any ‘menu’ or extra info to follow. So, am i doing something wrong or am I just not being logged in from the other station.
    Thank you for any help you can give

    1. Hi Don,

      Looks like this is in reply to, but apparently I can’t move the comment. So I’ll answer here.

      When you are connected to another station, you should be periodically trading packets (automatically), which indicate the connection is still active. I think some stations don’t automatically provide a menu or even a cursor indicating they are ready for a command. In those cases you might try sending “?” to see if you get a reply. Sometimes sending anything at all will return something that is helpful (even if it’s an error that your command isn’t recognized).

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