RFI Mapper (RFIM) and IC-7300

Thanks to Eric N2EPE, I recently learned about W4DD’s neat program for radio frequency interference (RFI) mapping named, helpfully, “RFI Mapper.” I emailed him for a copy and got a quick reply with clear instructions. Thanks Jeff! Note that this is a Windows program.

Helpful links to learn more:
https://www.gars.org/presentations/2020-02-11 – Locating Power Line and other RF Noise – Jeff Stuparits W4DD.pdf

While testing with my home station, and IC-7300, the only issue I ran into was that the radio would key whenever I ran the program. That makes it hard to measure and creates QRM! The cause was that I have RTS keying set up, probably something to do with Winlink and/or fldigi.

Anyway, here’s how to get to the RTS setting in case you (or me in the future) need to:

  • Menu (physical button)
  • Set
  • Connectors
  • USB Send/Keying
  • USB Send
  • Off (neither RTS nor DTS)

The program covers several models of radio, but the IC-7300 is the only one I have a cable for at the moment. This type of thing is intriguing from a “how many ways are there to do this” perspective, which gets my gears turning. For example, KA7OEI did a similar project back in 2001: http://www.ka7oei.com/ft817_rptmon.html (and props to Clint for keeping a website up these last 23 years!). Could we do it with an SBC or an Arduino? Could we do it with a QMX? Sounds like fun…

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